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For those in our tennis community who would like to "give back" to the game they love and help introduce and grow the game of tennis, the Long Island Regional Board needs you! We are all volunteers and we need more volunteers like you to help us achieve our mission.
There are a wide range of activities, special events and programs you can choose from that need your help. Many are kid-oriented like Rally Day, QuickStart and Tennis In The Parks, and some are for the entire community, such as our community tennis fairs and our annual prestigious AWARDS dinner.
You certainly do not have to be a great tennis player or even a good one. You don’t even have to play tennis to get involved! You just have to enjoy the gift of giving, have a sense of dedication to this game and its growth on Long Island, plus a little time to devote to helping. If this plea strikes a chord, please email us at ustaonlongisland@gmail.com to get more information and to get started. An additional "perk" will be making a lot of new friends, all with a common interest.
We look forward to working with you!