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The Junior Tennis Foundation was incorporated in 1979 as a non-profit organization to raise funds for junior tennis and for tennis for special populations within the Eastern Section.  The volunteer Board of Directors includes tennis dignitaries and patrons that love the game and supporrt making it available to all.  Five volunteers have served as president.
Nearly one million dollars has been given in grants to worthy programs and in scholarships to junior players since the inception of the foundation.  Last year over $132,000 was awarded in grants to 91 juniors and special population programs.


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Junior Tennis Foundation Grant Application

Eastern Grant Application available in Spring 2003


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Application Deadline Review Date
June 20 July 1
July 22 August 1
August 13 August 22
September 24 October 1

This is the USTA Adopt-a-Court Program…

The USTA Adopt-a-court program was initiated by the Technical Committee in 1999 to financially assist public tennis facilities in repairing and upgrading existing tennis courts.  To date, 84 grants have been awarded and all 17 USTA sections participate in the Program.

Because of the tremendous success of the Adopt-a court program, the USTA has recognized the continued need to support this type of endeavor and has increased its 2003 funding of the program to $250,000.  In 2002, DecoTurf Systems signed an agreement with the USTA to support the Adopt-a-Court program and is now “the official court surface sponsor.”

Grants shall be used for repair and/or upgrading existing tennis courts, court equipment and amenities, and shall include new construction limited to improvement or relocation of existing courts.

Applicants must meet all criteria and submit a completed Adopt-a-Court application.  Incomplete or revised applications will not be accepted.

Thank you for your interest in the USTA Adopt-a-Court Program.  The program is designed to provide a safe, properly constructed and functional facility including court amenities (i.e. shade areas, water fountains, backboards, ball machines, lighting, etc.)

All applications must comply with the criteria set forth.  Applications are not necessarily approved by the Committee, or may not be approved for the amount requested.

BEFORE - Cloverdale High School received an Apodt-A-Court grant in 2000

AFTER - Coverdale High School after the grant. See what Adopt-A-Court can do for you?

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