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Tennis Lessons

April 20, 2009 04:12 PM
Dan Dwyer, owner of Point Set Tennis in Oceanside, has developed a program for people afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis. His program has expanded rapidly, has received notice from industry publications for his wonderful efforts, and is to be awarded with the Most Innovative Tennis Program at this years annual USTA/LI Awards Dinner. The following is an inspirational story from a young volunteer at Point Set, Ross Binder (age 12, Merrick).

Yesterday at Pointset Tennis in Oceanside, I helped teach four women with multiple sclerosis how to play tennis. MS is a debilitating disease that takes over your central nervous system. It can make you paralyzed or it could take over your muscles. That would make it hard or even impossible for people with MS to do everyday things like ride a bike or play tennis. I've never played tennis before with anyone who has to be in a wheelchair all the time. But even though these women couldn't walk, they could hit the ball really well. I was impressed with how good they were. I hope I get to to play tennis with them again soon.