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Quickstart Workshop at Glen Head

September 12, 2009 02:44 PM

The folks at Glen Head tennis were in for a treat. Not only were some of the US Open players practicing there to get out of the rain, but the club had scheduled a USTA Recreational QuickStart Workshop for its staff and some parents. This was quite a study in contrast: players at the top of their game, and players, coaches and parents, learning how to work with the sport's newest, youngest players.

For those that have not been following this new innovation, QuickStart tennis is the USTA’s new format for teaching tennis to youngsters 10 and under. This new format has changed everything from balls and racquet to court size and scoring. It places the emphasis on fun and team play.

The USTA makes these workshops available for coaches and parents so that they can help support their children’s play. This year alone the USTA Eastern Section and the Long Island Region has introduced QuickStart tennis to almost 3,000 Long Island children.

To learn how to schedule a local, free, 3 hour workshop -- or to attend one in your area -- visit the USTA Eastern Section website www.eastern.usta.com or contact your Regional Representative.

(Pictured above: Workshp instructor Joe Arias (left) and Glen Head Racquet Club staff, parents, and students.)