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Blasia Baum Named USTA League Regional Captain of the Year

Blasia Baum, 4th from left, was named USTA League Captain of the Year for Long Island
February 1, 2019 01:00 PM

Blasia Baum was named 2018 Long Island League Regional Captain of the Year by USTA Eastern. The recipients of this award are nominated by the players in each region. “Captaining a league team takes dedication,” said Leagues Senior Manager Lauren Bull. “Captains spend a lot of their own time ironing out logistics so that all players can have a great experience. They have to be incredibly organized, flexible and motivational. We are happy to formally recognize some of the best our section has to offer.”

Of Baum, one player reports: “No captain has dedicated more time and energy to making every team member feel welcome and integral. She is unfailingly kind and encouraging.” Baum has captained teams out of Point Set Racquet Club for 15-plus years.