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Bridgehampton Youth Tennis Project Updates

November 17, 2016 10:58 AM

Jack Loucheim, creator of the Bridgehampton Youth Tennis Project, has updated the organization's web site with new details on the project and its success. The site includes coach bios, pictures from the summer and fall, and all publicity that the project has received.  The group now offers weekly after- school lessons. Loucheim says: "The kids are very enthusiastic about it, and enjoy their time on the court.  Many even stay after after hours to rally with each other.   You can also find a blog for the fall tennis season on my we bsite."

"All in all, we met and exceeded our financial goal.  Some of the money was also used to resurface and paint the lines of the basketball court at the center.  Thank you to everybody who contributed, your help has been greatly appreciated.   I look forward to coaching through the fall and to the summer season that lies ahead," Loucheim says.