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Hempstead Lake 6.0 Mixed Doubles Team Advances to Nationals

The USTA League 6.0 Mixed Doubles out of Hempstead Lake Indoor Tennis will be heading to Tucson, Ariz. in November to play for the National Championship. The Eastern Section champs, captained by Darlene Sotomayor, had a great season. “All played a very big and tremendous part in helping our team reach this goal,” Sotomayor said.

Team members are: Gary Spector, Jeffrey Ross Miller, Lori Stone, Marley Anna Spector, Deena Mavroudis, Shanon Blue, Matthew Vota, Anthony Cristi, Maria Cristina Gonzales, Allie Spector, John Cuevo, Shaun Edward Willis, Karen E. Groeger, Steven E. Waters, Adam Moramarco and Todd Greenwald.


Hempstead Lake Indoor Tennis 6.0 Mixed Doubles Team. Back row (from left): Lori Stone, Adam Moramarco, Steven Waters, Anthony Cristi and Gary Spector. Middle row (from left): Maria Gonzales, Darlene Sotomayor, Shanon Blue, Allie Spector, Marley Spector and Todd Greenwald. Front row: Shaun Willis and Deena Mavroudis.