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Jr. Team Tennis Scholarship Awards Application for Tennis Teachers Conference

The purpose of this award is to recognize motivated coaches by providing an award to attend the annual Tennis Teachers Conference. Held annually in New York City during the US Open, the Tennis Teachers Conference is the premier education event for tennis coaches and instructors worldwide. For more than four decades, the conference has featured a world-renowned faculty of experts who share their knowledge of the tennis business, coaching, community tennis, sports science, player development and other topics vital to tennis professionals.  The 2012 Tennis Teachers Conference is scheduled for August 25-28.  
 The USTA is seeking applications from coaches who are currently teaching and have an affiliation with USTA Jr. Team Tennis.
Four scholarships will be granted.  Each award will pay up to $1,000.00 of costs including registration, transportation and lodging.
 Note:  Funds to attend the Tennis Teachers Conference are reimbursed after the event following the submission of receipts to the USTA National office.  Each recipient will be responsible for booking their own hotel and transportation arrangements.

The candidate must:
Be a current instructor for at least two years
Have a minimum of two years of Jr. Team Tennis experience
Not been awarded a USTA Scholarship within the past 5 years
Submit a completed application
Must be available for the entire conference and should not apply unless certain he or she is able to attend
Will be required to complete an expense report and submit receipts for reimbursement
Applicants who have not previously attended the TTC will be given priority
USTA Section and District staff are not eligible to receive a scholarship
Scholarships are NON-TRANSFERABLE. More than one applicant from an organization is encouraged to apply. An organization will not be penalized for submitting more than one application
Selection Process
A sub committee of the USTA Jr. Team Tennis National Committee will select four individuals. The recipient will be notified in July. The sub committee reserves the right to not grant the award if the applicants do not meet the criteria.

1) Please complete information below:
Applicant Name:
Home address:
Phone #:
2) Briefly describe your USTA Jr. Team Tennis program and your involvement:
3) What are you looking to learn at the conference?
4) How do you plan to implement these skills in your community?
5) Are you USPTA or PTR Certified?
( )Yes 
 ( )No 
6) Are you a USTA member?
( )Yes 
 ( )No 
7) Have you previously attended the TTC?
( )Yes 
 ( )No 
 All applications must be submitted online to USTA National no later than June 15.
 Applicants will be notified about their status no later than July 1.  An annoucement will also be posted at http://jrteamtennis.usta.com
 Once notified, awardees will have until July 11 to register for the Tennis Teachers Conference. Failure to register by the deadline stated in the notification email will result in the award to be withdrawn.

For additional information and support
Contact Adrienne Di Menna with questions or for assistance at
 914-696-7075 or via email dimenna@usta.com