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Local USTA League Player Completes Season After FOUR National Tournaments

Wyn Mintz (laying down across the front), and his team at Nationals in Mobile, Ala., in October. Sportime Syosset's men's 40s 4.5 team was captained by Andrew Ross.
Mintz is at left at his fourth National tournament of the year. Sportime Syosset's Men’s tri-level, captained by Ian Schapiro, competed in Indian Wells in March 2018.
April 12, 2018 01:47 PM
The Sportime Syosset Mens 55s 8.0, captained by Raj Nagdev, competed at Nationals in Orlando in October. Wyn Mintz is at the bottom right.
Shown here in the center, Mintz competed in the Men's 55s 9.0 in Orlando in November 2017.

Wyn Mintz,59, of Dix Hills, accomplished something during the past year that few USTA League players do even once, and he did it FOUR times! Mintz, who has been playing USTA League tennis since age 18, competed in four USTA League National Tournaments in the 2017-18 season.

Mintz reached his first National Tournament in 2009, after 33 years of competing. It was the men’s 55’s 9.0, which took place in Tucson, Ariz.  Six years later, in 2015, he reached his second National Tournament, the men’s 55’s 9.0 in Surprise, Ariz.

2017 was a unique year for him, though, when he reached four national tournaments with four different teams in four different divisions. Mintz says he experienced different emotions playing in each national tournament. He shares his thoughts and feelings about this unique experience:

Nationals #1 (October 19, 2017): Men’s 40’s 4.5 team captain Andrew Ross, Sportime Syosset

“We played in a park venue in the city of Mobile, Ala. Half of us had been to nationals before so we had the experience (to share). We planned dinners and practices and enjoyed walking around the city of Mobile. I told the players that had not experienced nationals before to enjoy each moment because getting to the National’s is very special and perhaps a once in a lifetime achievement.”

Nationals #2 (October 26): Men’s 55’s 8.0, captain Raj Nagdev, Sportime Syosset

“My 2nd national (tournament of the year) took place in Orlando, Fla. The USTA National Campus in Orlando is a big contrast from the Alabama park. This venue was bold and powerful and on har tru. It had 100 courts and all the technology to go with it. It had three cafes, cell phone charging stations as well as a great locker room. It was a special place to play tennis! This tournament was the most special to me because I got here with a team of great guys with big hearts. My teammates worked extremely hard and really appreciated the opportunity to play in a National tournament. Since I was the most seasoned player on the team, the captain asked me to give a pep talk before each match. The team asked me to share everything I knew about playing and preparing for a national tournament. My advice that I shared was play hard, go for everything and most of all enjoy the experience!!!” The team finished second in their flight to Mid Atlantic, which went on to win the championship.

Nationals #3 (November 16): Men’s 55’s 9.0, captain John Hoffman, Armonk Tennis, Armonk, N.Y.

“The 3rd national tournament (also) took place in Orlando. This tournament was also very different than the others because most of the players had played in national tournaments. For me, this tournament was much more relaxed because I knew what to expect. I was able to enjoy the comradery of my teammates as well as share my experiences with the other tennis players from different parts of the country. This tournament was the most exciting for me because we made it to the semifinal round. I never made it to the Sunday round before. That was a big thrill for me!”

Tournament #4 (March 15, 2018): Men’s tri-level, captain Ian Schapiro, Sportime Syosset

“The 4th national tournament which topped off an unbelievable run … was at Indian Wells, Calif. This venue was totally different than all of the others because we were playing on the outside courts alongside the pros at the BNP Paribas Open. This tournament reminded me of the US OPEN in NY -- it was 24/7 tennis! When you weren’t playing, you were watching the tennis pros at a beautiful venue with mountains as the backdrop.

“Tennis has been a great sport for me. I knew 50 years ago that I would be able to play forever and meet new and exciting people along the way. You can play tennis anywhere! All you need is a tennis racquet and the will to meet new people. I also want to thank my wife Beth for her support and traveling to each tournament. For me, tennis is for a life time!”

Mintz grew up in Bethpage where he spent his childhood Sundays playing tennis with his father and a wooden racquet. He played varsity tennis for Island Trees High School and after high school began to play in USTA leagues. When not playing tennis, Mintz can usually be found working in his food service distribution company, boxing or working out in the health club. Moving forward, he says that “this year will be a little tough for me because all my teams had to split up according to USTA rules.” However,”I will still play on three different teams in three different divisions. Looking forward to another great season of tennis!”