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Long Beach 8.0 USTA League Team Wins at Sectionals

Congratulations to the 8.0 Mixed Doubles USTA League Team out of Long Beach Tennis Center, which took home the gold last weekend at the Eastern Sectional Championships in Schenectady, N.Y.


The team, captained by Andrew Camacho, will head to the National Championships in Tucson, Ariz. from November 21-23 and will represent Long Island and the Eastern Section there.


Team members are:

Adam Jaskowski, Cristina Camacho, Casey M. Schnabel, Andrew Camacho, Shahzeb Mirza, Evelyne Le Goupil, Terry P. Kossegi, Elizabeth Ingrassia, Jared Berse, Amy L. Bernstein, Paul F. Schnabel, Oksana Aivazian, Jean Tanklowitz, Adele Mancuso, Nancy Wisniewski, Lori M. D'Antonio, Brian Vincent Connor and Mindy Reed.


Says Captain Camacho:


Last year we had (almost) the same team … and came so close to winning our division playoffs.  We were up match points on the deciding court and we lost it in a heart breaker.


This year we made it a goal to get to the next level. With the addition of a few new players we did just that.  Again it came down to a deciding court at division playoffs and we were down match points and my team fought hard and won it. That was when I really noticed how much heart this team has. We were feeling very confident going into Regionals.  When we won (there) so decisively, it got us to thinking we could definitely contend to win Sectionals.  My thing this season was to stay humble and never be cocky.  And I would tell this to my players all the time.  I felt like it was a jinx to be too overly confident.  


When we got to Sectionals we were just so happy to have made it that we would've been satisfied wherever we placed.  That calmness definitely helped in every match. We came out firing and won our first match easily.  But then every match thereafter either had some adversity (bad weather/bad calls) or came down to a deciding super tiebreaker.  The team unity was so present that whenever anyone got into a tight situation, it was our support for each other that got them through.  Hearing your teammates cheering every point and encouraging you is really what elevated everyone in those pressure moments.  And the last match was epic.  Other teams were rooting for us in the final match, so we had a huge cheering section.  You know it is a great moment in sports when you are jumping up and down and hugging people you don't even know.  


“…Our attitude (regarding Nationals) is that we don't see this as being any different then Sectionals.  I feel like you only make it this far when you are a true team that is close knit and feels like a family.  These are my friends for life even if we never achieve this level of success again.”




Photo Caption: The Long Beach 8.0 Team celebrates its win at Sectionals. Pictured are: (back row, left to right) Evelyne Le Goupil, Nancy Wisniewski, Adam Jaskowski, Casey Schnabel

and Lori D'Antonio; and (front row, left to right) Cristina Camacho, Andrew Camacho, Paul Schnabel, Jean Tanklowitz and Brian Connor. Not pictured:  Terry Kossegi.