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Long Island USTA League Teams Win Sectionals, Will Compete at Nationals

Nagdev team
September 20, 2017 12:16 PM

Several USTA League Teams from Long Island won their Eastern Sectional Championships and will represent Long Island and the Eastern Section at their National competitions. Please click here to see a photo of each team.

Sportime Lynbrook’s Men’s 18 & Over 4.0 team, captained by Gabe Moreira and Miguel Gordon, won its USTA Eastern Sectional Championship and will represent Long Island and the Eastern Section at Nationals in Surprise, Arizona in October. Team members are:  (top row, from left): Ali Anwar, Daniel Bindler, Sean Coonerty, Mark Karmazin, John Ferrari, John Valgoi and Ian Zaslansky. Bottom row (from left): Dan Derosalia, Brian Connor and Gabe Moreira. Not pictured: Miguel Gordon.  Says Moreira: “We all play in a weekly seasonal and it was an amazing seasonal and accomplishment for us!”

The 55 & Over 8.0 women from Christopher Morley, captained by Sharon Melville, will compete at Nationals at the USTA Orlando National Campus on October 27-29. "We are looking forward to nationals!," Melville says. Team members are: (from left) Karen Sussman, Taryn Cloonan, Janine Buss, Mona Giovanni, Sharon Melville, Julie Barnola, Laura Graves and Suzanne Putnam. Not pictured are Milta Maryles, Mary Malhame, Julia Adwar and Lucille Defina.

Huntington Indoor's 55 & Over 7.0 women's team, captained by Andrea Woods, will compete at their National tournament in Orlando November 17-19. Says Woods, "It was really such a great experience. We won every match 2-1, and everyone with us had at least one win, so the whole team contributed to our winning every match. That made me really happy, since some people didn't get as many matches as others, but they still contributed in a big way."  Team members are: (top row, from left) Stacey Margey, Linda Moskowitz, Jackie Iversen, Nancy Ambrosio and Jackie Heise and (bottom row, from left) Anne Johnston, Coleen Gussaroff, Andrea Woods, Betsy Radecki and Cathleen Callahan. Not pictured are Cora Brettler, Debbie Dreher and Kathy Nicolette.

Sportime Lynbrook's 7.0 65-and-over Women's team, captained by Leslie Wecksler and Pat Molloy, defeated Northern and Southern Eastern Sectionals and will head to Nationals for the 2nd year in a row in Arizona in January. Team members are: (front row, from left): co-captains Leslie Wecksler and Pat Molloy, (middle row, from left): Arethia Williams, Jane Muller, Cathy Caldwell, Julia Berkowitz, Nancy Rosenthal and Sue Dalessandro, and (back row, from left) Dale Conway, Coach Tina Buschi, Nancy Johnson and Maureen Cornacchia.

Sportime Syosset 55-and-over 8.0 Men's team, captained by Raj Nagdev, will compete at Nationals at the USTA National Campus in Orlando from October 27-29. Team members are (from left): Shiva Kumar, Neil Thakur (USTA Eastern Tennis Service Representative for Long Island), Vijay Alreja, Wynn Mintz, Raj Nagdev, Sarab Lamba, Sachal Badlani, Sanjay Dutt and Harish Khullar. Not pictured: Yossi Lonkri, Steven Wolvovsky, Lajpat Gandhi, Robert Slater and Mikel Eisenberg.

Sportime Syosset's 18-and-over 7.0 Mixed team captained by Dawn Schosberg

Carefree's 18-and-over 8.0 Mixed team captained by Dan Burgess, Jr.

Deer Park Indoor's 18-and-over 9.0 Mixed team captained by Roz Chua

Carefree's 18-and-over 3.5 Women's Team, captained by Caryn Gallitto and Annemarie Conniff

Sportime Syosset 40-and-over 4.5 Men's team, captained by Andy Ross

Bethpage Park Tennis Center's 55-and-over 7.0 Men's team, captained by Jim Lowell

Carefree 40-and-over 4.0 Men's team, captain Alex Havriliak