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Nassau County Girls' HS Results 2018

From left: Thea Rabman, Rachel Arbitman Calista Sha and Steffi Antao
From left: Alina Lyakhov & Alyssa Ghassabian, Nicolette Loeffler & Maddy Richmond, Julia Gentile & Lauren Zola, and Brittany Polevikov & Charlotte Forman
October 15, 2018 02:54 PM

Nassau County's Girls High School Individuals Tournament took place this past weekend. Champions were (all NY State and All County honors):

Singles Tournament

Champion: Rachel Arbitman, Hewlett

Runner Up: Calista Sha, Friends Academy

3rd Place – Thea Rabman, Port Washington

4th Place – Steffi Antao, New Hyde Park

Doubles Tournament 

Champions: Julia Gentile & Lauren Zola, South Side

Runners Up: Nicolette Loeffler & Maddy Richmond, Cold Spring Harbor

3rd Place: Alina Lyakhov & Alyssa Ghassabian, Great Neck North

4th Place: Brittany Polevikov & Charlotte Forman, Port Washington

Click here for singles draw sheet, top doubles draw sheet and bottom doubles draw sheet.