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Sportime Syosset 55-and-over Men Compete at Nationals

Nagdev team competes at Nationals
Nagdev team competes at Nationals 2
November 1, 2017 11:48 AM

Sportime Syosset 55-and-over 8.0 Men's team, the USTA Eastern Sectional Champion, competed at Nationals where they finished second in their flight to Mid Atlantic, which went on to win the championship.

The team, captained by Raj Nagdev, competed at Nationals at the USTA National Campus in Orlando from October 27-29. In addition to Nagdev, team members are Shiva Kumar, Neil Thakur (USTA Eastern Tennis Service Representative for Long Island), Vijay Alreja, Wynn Mintz, Raj Nagdev, Sarab Lamba, Sachal Badlani, Sanjay Dutt and Harish Khullar. Not pictured: Yossi Lonkri, Steven Wolvovsky, Lajpat Gandhi, Robert Slater and Mikel Eisenberg.