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Tennis Camp for Wounded, Ill, and Injured Service Members and Veterans

The 2nd Annual National Tennis Camp for Wounded, Ill, and Injured Service Members and Veterans was held in San Diego in June of this year.  This event is an outgrowth of an adaptive tennis program started in 2009 in partnership with Naval Medical Center San Diego that has served over 500 military personnel in free, twice-monthly tennis clinics.  The program has received national level recognition from the USTA and Department of Defense.
The first national camp was held in May of 2012, and by all accounts, it was a tremendous success.  We had 50 participants from 17 states with a wide range of disabilities.  The feedback we received from the participants was overwhelmingly positive.  This year  we again had over 50 participants signed up, as well as a wait list.  Through grants and other fundraising  efforts, we are able to cover their airfare, lodging, meals and local transportation costs.
One goal we have is for the camp participants to continue to play tennis when they return to their hometowns after the camp.   After the camp each participant is given the name of the local Section person who they can call to help facilitate an introduction to a CTA or other tennis facility near them.
USTA Eastern’s Military liaison is Bill Mecca and he can be reached at mecca@eastern.usta.com.  If you have an adaptive program, or a facility that is wheelchair accessible or  you are a service member or veteran and would like to participate in this type of program please contact Bill.